Closer Look: MLK’s Moral Leadership; The March for Our Lives; And More

Kailen and Thomas, two of the students taking part in the protests this week, talk about student activism means to them.
Credit Emilia Brock / WABE
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Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: On the day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral, Morehouse College president Dr. Benjamin Mays eulogized his former student. And a young man named Robert Franklin was watching. That day he decided to attend Morehouse at his father’s urging. Dr. Mays also inspired Dr. Franklin to attend his alma mater, the University of Chicago, for doctoral work, and he later followed in Dr. Mays’ footsteps by becoming the president of Morehouse College from 2007-2012. As we continue our ATL68 series, Dr. Franklin discusses Dr. Mays and Dr. King as moral leaders who served the common good.
  • 22:00: Last week, President Donald Trump signed orders imposing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. A conversation about what this could mean for Georgia’s Manufacturing industry with Roy Bowen, president of the Georgia Association of Manufacturers.
  • 40:17: Later this month, students nationwide will protest guns in the March for Our Lives. Some students in Atlanta are also staging a walk-out this week. We’ll talk with Kailen and Thomas, two of the students taking part in these protests, and ask what student activism means to them.