Closer Look: Queen of Soul’s Live Gospel Recording Release; CDC Foundation’s ‘Contagious Conversations’

The documentary film "Amazing Grace" chronicles Aretha Franklin recording the 1972 Grammy-award winning album of the same name.
The documentary film "Amazing Grace" chronicles Aretha Franklin recording the 1972 Grammy-award winning album of the same name.
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0:00: Once again, severe weather has roared through the south, including Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. This morning, these storms prompted flash flood warnings and tornado warnings earlier in the day. Those warnings were lifted in the metro Atlanta area by air time. Still, National Weather Service meteorologist Kyle Thiem said, despite the rain moving out of the area, flooding is still a concern.

In other news, some members of Georgia’s Congressional delegation are commenting on the recent release of the redacted Mueller report. Yesterday in Dublin, Georgia, Republican Senator David Perdue said, “I’ve been calling for the Mueller report to be made public, and I’m glad it’s finally out so the American people can see the facts. We know the report concluded there was no collusion and the Attorney General concluded there was no obstruction. It’s time to move on. Let’s start legislating and stop investigating.”

Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia’s 6th District provided this statement, “Regardless of President Trump’s involvement, the unredacted portions of Mueller’s report make it clear – Russia carried out a coordinated campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election and undermine our democracy.” Rep. McBath added, “I’m still reviewing the report, but I’m deeply troubled about the findings that the President and his associates put their own personal and political interests above the interests of the American people and our democratic institutions.” ”

Closer Look” also reached out to Georgia Sens. Johnny Iskason and David Perdue.

3:18: Over the course of two days in 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded her album, “Amazing Grace” live at Watts’ New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in California. Now, almost 47 years later, footage from that performance has been released for the first time in a new documentary, “Amazing Grace.” Tirrell Whittley, one of the documentary’s producers, joins us by phone to tell us about more about this film, featuring the Queen of Soul.

32:10: We get a sneak preview of “Closer Look’s” recent visit to Sanskrit Moon, a new yoga studio in Hapeville. We’ll hear more of our conversation from the owner of the business, Chandra Fowler, on our next installment of the “Open for Business” series.

39:52: A new podcast from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, called “Contagious Conversations,” brings together leaders in medicine and health from around the world. We’ll hear from the host of the podcast, Claire Stinson, and the CDC Foundation’s Vice President of Communications, Pierce Nelson.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Grace Walker.