Fulton County Chairman Rob Pitts on New Elections Board Chair & ACLU of Georgia Responds to Proposed Only American Citizens Voting Constitutional Amendment

Fulton County’s Board of Elections has a new chairperson.

Longtime Democrat and public servant Cathy Woolard replaces Alex Wan, who resigned earlier this year. Woolard’s nomination was controversial because of her past work as a consultant for Fair Fight Action…at least thru the eyes of state Republicans and Democrat commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman voted no to Woolard’s appointment. Now, Fulton County Commission Chair Rob Pitt is responding to Commissioner’s Abdur-Rahman’s comments on the approval process.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says there’s proof non-citizens are voting in elections throughout the nation. This isn’t the first time Raffensperger has called attention to the issue. Recently, Raffensperger said he’s in favor of “an amendment to the Georgia constitution limiting participation in state and local elections to American citizens.”

The process for the constitutional amendment to be approved would mean the General Assembly would pass an amendment in the House and Senate, but by two-thirds majority. Next, the measure is placed on a ballot and would either be approved or NOT approved in a statewide election by the voters.

Christopher Bruce is policy director for the ACLU of Georgia and talks with host Rose Scott about Sec. Raffensperger’s desire for a constitutional amendment.