Food Writer Corby Kummer Has A Crush On Atlanta’s Dining Scene

Staplehouse, and its chef Ryan Smith, got a shout-out in Corby Kummer's last piece as food critic for Atlanta Magazine.
Credit Dan Raby / WABE
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For the past two years or so, James Beard Award-winning food writer Corby Kummer has called Atlanta home – and during his time here, he’s fallen in love with this city, in no uncertain terms.

It was a new job for Kummer’s spouse that first took them to Atlanta, and it’s a new job that takes them away again. But the writer and editor is making any excuse to visit Atlanta at least once a month. Kummer resigned as restaurant critic for Atlanta Magazine, but will continue to write profiles and conduct interviews on the local food and dining scene as a freelance contributor.

In a sort of exit interview on “City Lights,” Corby Kummer discussed his recent commentary on Atlanta’s food culture with host Lois Reitzes. Kummer admitted to a long-time “hopeless crush on Southern food,” but soon realized that the quintessential Edna Lewis-style Southern cuisine “is what I wanted Atlanta to be, not what Atlanta wanted to be.”

Although his initial expectations were not always met, in other ways they were exceeded. Now, Corby Kummer is not only “invested” in our food scene, he says that “Atlanta has a hold on my heart,” too. 

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