Former AMA President Focuses On Mental Health Of Children, Students Due To Pandemic

Dr. Patrice Harris, CEO of eMed, joined “Morning Edition” to talk about the lasting impact the pandemic may have on children’s mental health.

Dr. Patrice Harris

As more and more Georgia students transition back to in-person learning, the former head of the American Medical Association says teachers should be on the lookout for two things: anxiety and depression.

Dr. Patrice Harris says those are just some of the mental health issues brought on by the pandemic that stand to have lasting effects.

According to Psychiatric Times, COVID-19 has brought about a complex array of factors, like uncertainty.

Harris, a child psychiatrist and currently the CEO of eMed, says children thrive on normalcy as a stabilizing force, and despite reentering a social environment like school, feelings of anxiety or depression can be exacerbated.

Harris spoke with “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam and suggested that even as the pandemic subsides, mental health issues should remain in the spotlight.