Former Candidate Wants Loudermilk’s Military Discharge Papers; Loudermilk Sends to WABE Instead


Georgia’s 11th Congressional District covers parts of four counties in the suburbs north of Atlanta. With less than a month before the Republican run-off, the race for the 11th District seat is getting ugly.

A former candidate is questioning a current candidate’s military record. And that candidate’s spokesman says his candidate’s run-off opponent, is behind the whole thing.

Confused? Please bear with us.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Larry Mrozinski got only 4% of the votes in the Republican primary. He quickly threw his support behind former 7th District U.S. Congressman Bob Barr. Mrozinski called a news conference Tuesday to demand Barr’s run-off opponent, former State Senator Barry Loudermilk, produce his DD-214.

What is a DD-214? That is a military discharge record, and Mrozinski wants to see Loudermilk’s, telling reporters, “We have Mr. Loudermilk making statements that are contradictory to one’s service in the military. And we need to know: are these embellishments? So therefore we have requested that he show his DD-214 to clear up this issue.”

Mrozinski did not point to specific instances but referred to phrases he says Loudermilk has said that do not add him for him and the small group of veterans joining him at the news conference.

The response from Loudermilk’s campaign came from Dan McLagan: “He has endorsed Bob Barr. And this is clearly coming from the Barr campaign, because Bob can’t make this accusation. Bob’s never served in uniform.”

Bob Barr’s campaign manager is his son, Derrick. Derrick Barr denies his father spurred the call for the records, but he agreed that Loudermilk releasing his DD-214 would settle the issue, telling WABE, “Yes, that’s what candidates do. Candidates with a military background, in other elections, they have released their DD-214.”

Loudermilk’s spokesman says his candidate will not be meeting Mrozinski Thursday, the Colonel requested, to turn over his DD-214, but he made another offer.

“I don’t know what a DD-214 is,” said, McLagan, “but if we’ve got one laying around, we’ll send it to you.” Tuesday afternoon, McLagan sent an electronic copy of Loudermilk’s DD-214. You can view it here.

The Republican primary run-off is July 22, and it will be winner-take-all with no Democrat running this year for the 11th District seat.

As noted above, we have posted Barry Loudermilk’s DD-214 document proving his military service online.

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