Former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn On Perils Of N. Korea’s Bomb Test

Former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn
Former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, shown in a July 24 photo, discussed the dangers of North Korea's nuclear capability on Thursday’s ''Morning Edition.''
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North Korea jolted the rest of the world this week with its announcement that it had tested a hydrogen bomb.  International leaders and observers aren’t so sure it was a hydrogen device, but it has still caused great concern.

Former Georgia Democratic Sen. Sam Nunn has spent years studying the threat of nuclear expansion.  He is the co-founder (with Ted Turner) of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and a distinguished professor in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech.

During his years in the Senate, he chaired the Armed Services Committee. In a conversation with Denis O’Hayer on “Morning Edition,” Nunn discussed the dangers North Korea’s nuclear capability pose to its neighbors — and some less obvious but equally troubling threats.