Former North Atlanta High School Principal Seeks Public Apology

Mark Mygrant's attorney Glenn Delk says the former principal is owed an apology by APS officials.

An attorney for the former principal of North Atlanta High School says his client’s name has been smeared and the district should prove their allegations as to why he was terminated.

When APS superintendent Erroll Davis removed academy leaders from North Atlanta High School he cited the school’s low academic performance as the main reason.

Glenn Delk is the attorney for North Atlanta High School’s former principal Mark Mygrant.

He says if that’s the reason regarding why Mygrant was let got then, where’s the proof?

“All we’re asking is that they either produce the evidence to support these various allegations or issue him a public apology. If they want to produce the evidence, he’s prepared to appear and defend himself.”

Earlier this year Mygrant, North Atlanta and Sutton Middle School educators were cited in complaints to the district from a coalition of parents.

They charge educators with racial bias and discriminatory practices toward minority students.

The group of parents met with APS deputy superintendent of curriculum and instruction Karen Waldon to discuss the allegations.

APS officials confirm an investigation is underway but neither Mygrant nor the other educators have received any official findings.

But in a letter dated, September 13, 2012 Mygrant through this attorney did inquire about anonymous allegations brought to his attention by Karen Waldon.

Superintendent Davis replied on September 19th telling Delk, “if an investigation into Mr. Mygrant’s conduct is warranted, he will be contacted by the appropriate APS representative.”

Now in a 23-page letter to APS board chairman Rueben McDaniel, Glenn Delk includes a copy of  that correspondence, a letter thanking Mygrant for his 27 years of service and statistical data that disputes Superintendent Davis claims North Atlanta was failing academically.

Delk is hopeful the board will intervene and give Mark Mygrant an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

“In my opinion, they’ve got very good counsel and they can hold a public hearing if they so wish.”

A spokesperson for APS told WABE, the district is moving on and ready to support North Atlanta’s new principal, Dr. Howard Taylor.