Free Student Athlete Health Screenings

Credit WellStreet Urgent Care

For students hoping to participate in school sports, they’ll need an annual physical to do so.

WellStreet Urgent Care recently opened eight clinics around metro Atlanta.  In addition to offering typical urgent care services, they are also offering free sports physicals for student athletes.

WellStreet’s chief medical officer, Dr. Lee Resnick, says there are no strings attached this is a service to the community.

“The main reason we do pre-participation screening for young athletes is to identify existing or potential problems that the student might encounter.”

That can be from simple musculoskeletal problems, to safety for kids with glasses or even more importantly says Resnick, to uncover hidden, life-threatening risks.  

“The goal is to identify previously undiagnosed and potentially threatening conditions, in particular, cardiac conditions.”

The student athlete screenings are free with or without an appointment, until August 31.