On Friday, A Meditation On Peace And Art For Atlanta Community

Steven Darsey (right) will conduct a concert for world peace at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church on Friday, March 2. Dwight Andrews (left) will speak at the concert.
Credit / Courtesy of Nick Arroyo
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On Friday, March 2 the Glenn Chancel Choir conducted by Dr. Steven Darsey will perform a “Concert for World Peace.” The Rev. Dr. Dwight Andrews will speak about music and peace as part of the program.

On “City Lights,” Lois Reitzes spoke with the long-time friends about the lofty theme of Friday’s concert.

“Well, the inspiration started smaller than such a grand canvas,” Darsey said. “It was a desire to learn the magnificent ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams.”

Indeed, that masterwork is the centerpiece of the concert.

Andrews joked that he was “roped in” to participating in the program, but revealed that he and Darsey have developed “a rapport around the idea of music as a transformative expression.” Andrews says his remarks will invite the audience to “think about larger issues of peace and music and art,” and provide “commentary that links texts and scriptures with these really fundamental issues.”

He adds that we often take for granted that “art speaks to the present moment,” and that Friday’s program will “focus in on music and peace at a really important time.”

The Concert for World Peace takes place on Friday, March 2 at 8 p.m. at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church on the campus of Emory University. Admission is free.