Fulton County School System Employees Receive Pay Boost

Credit Fulton County School System

Fulton County school employees are getting a boost in pay. Earlier this week, the county’s school board approved a 3 percent cost of living increase. The additional money is the first permanent increase school system employees have received in five years. Robert Morales is the District’s Chief Financial Officer.

  “The salary increase will be a great morale booster for our employees that are currently here and for new employees that are able to join our school district.”

The increase comes despite a total budget which is slightly smaller than the previous fiscal year.

Morales says it’s possible because board members and the district’s superintendent worked to tighten the school system’s belt during the last few years and were able to find additional cost savings in the upcoming budget.

“In fiscal year 2011 they made tough decisions about reducing personnel in the school district, they didn’t kick the can down the road. We were able to go to a modified zero-based budget approach and cut some things out of the budget that allowed us to accommodate the 3 percent growth.”

Year round employees will start seeing the increase on their July paychecks. Teachers will begin receiving the additional money in September.

District officials say the budget approved on Tuesday does not include a millage rate increase for Fulton County residents.