Ga. Bicycling Bill Passes Legislature, Moves On To Gov. Deal

Tandem cyclists ride through downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Tandem cyclists ride through downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Credit TimothyJ / flickr.com/tjc
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If you own a motorcycle or bicycle you could soon have a shorter wait at some stoplights. A bill passed by the state legislature last week allows riders to make their way through some intersections before a red light changes.

Whether you’re on your Harley or your Schwinn, you still have to come to a complete stop at an intersection.

But if you think your bike isn’t triggering the stoplight, you can go through the light as long as there are no other vehicles within 500 feet.

Proceed cautiously though because you’ll have the burden of proof if there’s an accident. The legislation is also supposed to help pedestrians. It requires drivers to stop for anyone at a crosswalk with flashing signals. The bill still needs the approval of Gov. Nathan Deal.

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