GBI Makes Widespread Arrests for Child Pornography

Credit Georgia Bureau of Investigation

A special GBI task force targeting child pornography is still making arrests today after the unit began serving search warrants Wednesday. 

The arrests have taken place in 37 different Georgia counties.

The GBI’s Internet Crimes Against Children special task force led the sweep known as “Operation Guarding Innocence.”

GBI spokesperson John Bankhead says it’s the largest operation of its kind in Georgia conducted by the force:

Audio of the news story as broadcast.

“They were targeting 98 individuals and have made 46 arrests on 86 counts related to possession of child porn”

Besides the arrests, authorities also confiscated computer hard drives and other electronic devices.

Bankhead says technology is what made the arrests possible:

“They’re either movies or still photographs, and they have a unique identifier – like a fingerprint – for each image or movie.  And so once that’s transmitted over the Internet, law enforcement has a way to track that.”

The sweep even nabbed a retired law enforcement officer in Savannah.

Detailed information on Operation Guarding Innocence from the GBI, including a list of the local law enforcement agencies that were also involved.