Georgia Ensemble Theater Lives A Little With ‘Greetings Friend…’

Dan Carmody / Studio 7


We should all try to live a little.

This idea is at the center of a world premier play opening at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. It’s called “Greetings Friend Your Kind Assistance Is Required” by Atlanta playwright Topher Payne.

In this case, “living a little” involves spam email, parachuting from an airplane into a foreign country, and somehow, Blockbuster Video.

Actor Brenda Porter plays Rhonda Charles, a retired English teacher who is looking to redefine her life.

“She gets one of those emails where you have a captured prince who needs money to mount a counter-insurgency,” says the show’s director Shannon Eubanks,

In this case, the email turns out to be true. Just wanting to be helpful, Rhonda enlists her former HR director roommate Marybeth Mulaney (played by Karen Howell) to travel to the country of Zardelgnia to try to free the prince.

“The heart of the show is about recognizing the connections between people who seem so disconnected from one another, and finding those connections,” says Eubanks.

The show is also notable for featuring two female protagonists who are both over 60.

“I hope the audience takes away that life is not over at a certain age, that we continue and we are viable,” says Howell.

Porter cites one of her character’s lines: “Where there’s breath, there’s possibility.”

“We don’t know the future, so why not assume there’s still a lot of wonderful stuff ahead,” she says.

“Greetings Friend Your Kind Assistance Is Required” is open at Georgia Ensemble Theatre through Jan. 22.

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