Georgia Vineyards Pop The Cork On Booming Wine Sales

Crane Creek Vineyards is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia, just three miles north of the quaint college town of Young Harris and a two hour drive from Atlanta.
Credit Crane Creek Vineyards

The president of Crane Creek Vineyards in northern Georgia Eric Seifarth discussed the state of the Georgia's wine industry and th eimpact of California's drought on wine sales on ''A Closer Look.''

Georgia’s wine business is booming, creating jobs and millions of dollars in state and local tax revenue.

It’s quite an accomplishment when you consider there were just a handful of vineyards in the state in 1995. But with steady growth over the past two decades, Georgia now boasts more than 40.

Grape grower and wine maker Eric Seifarth is the president of Crane Creek Vineyards, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

Seifarth is also a member of the Winegrowers Association of Georgia.

During an interview on “A Closer Look” he discussed the state of the industry, the impact California’s drought is having on Georgia wine sales, and more.