Get In Your TARDIS, Atlanta: The Sixth ‘Doctor’ Is In

Al Such / WABE

“City Lights” got a little “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” today.

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That was thanks to a visit from Colin Baker, who portrayed the sixth incarnation of the Doctor from the popular BBC series “Doctor Who,” from 1984 to 1986. He’s in Atlanta for WHOlanta, an annual science fiction convention celebrating all things “Doctor Who” and British pop culture.

Before landing the role of the Doctor, Colin Baker had already enjoyed healthy success for his roles on British TV shows like “The Brothers” and “Cousin Bette,” but it was “Doctor Who” that really catapulted him to fame. In an interview with Lois Reitzes on “City Lights,” Colin considered the sci-fi show’s lasting appeal.

“I suppose if we could work out why ‘Doctor Who’s’ been successful, we would all make a fortune because we could do it again,” Baker mused, but he suspects it has something to do with timing (not to mention time travel). Of course, the longevity of “Doctor Who” is also due to its main character.

“We have always wanted heroes,” Baker said. “We’ve always wanted someone who can ride out of the mist, solve your problems, and ride off again … someone that helps us to escape from a world that not everyone finds agreeable all the time.”

Colin Baker appears at the annual WHOlanta convention this weekend. He’ll be joined by Nicola Bryant, who portrayed his companion Peri Brown.