How Well is APD COPS Program Doing? Survey Asks for Your Response

The federal government wants to gauge how well the Atlanta Police Department is doing when it comes to its Community Oriented Policing Section, or “COPS” unit. 

Officers with Atlanta’s COPS unit are those you don’t necessarily see responding to the typical 911 call,  says Major Valerie  Dalton:

“They have the time … to get out there and engage and address issues that those 911 officers can’t.”

Maj. Dalton says Washington has given APD two grants totaling $13-million to pay for COPS officers.  The departments’ Hispanic liason, LGBT liason, and  graffiti officer are just a few examples of positions falling under the program.

Now, via an online survey, Atlantans have a chance to rate how well APD’s COPS program is working. 

“What it does is let [APD] know that we’re on the right track, and it lets the federal government know that their concepts for community-oriented policing across the country are working,” says Maj. Dalton.  

If enough people respond, the survey is scheduled to wrap up on Oct. 22nd.  

Click here to access the survey, or paste this URL into your web browser:  


You’ll have to enter an “Agency Pass Code, which is: GAAPD00-C1.