Kennesaw Replaces Stolen Confederate Flag

The city of Kennesaw replaced a stolen confederate flag in the city’s Commemorative Park Thursday.   Police say the flag was stolen sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  

City officials say they had to replace the controversial banner because state law prohibits the removal of Confederate monuments.  

The Georgia code has “very specific direction regarding memorials dedicated to, honoring, or recounting the military service of any past or present military personnel of Georgia, the United States, or the Confederate States of America,” the city said on its website. 

The 2001 state law does specifically protect Confederate flags, but Kennesaw City spokeswoman Pam Davis said this flag was part of a larger monument that commemorates veterans from many armed conflicts. 

Commemorative Park is adjacent to the Southern Museum, which focuses on the role of railroads during and after the Civil War. 

An online petition asking for the removal of the Confederate flag from Commemorative Park has more than 3,000 signatures so far.