KSU Project Brings New Kind Of Interactive Theater To Light

“Interactive theater” generally means performers mingling with the audience, breaking the fourth wall. But up at Kennesaw State University, the theater department is working on a different kind of interactivity.

They’re calling it the Ipomoea Project (pronounced “eye-po-mo-EE-ah“). 

Myke Johns paid a visit to KSU associate theater professor Rebecca Makus and media experience artist Peter Torpey to talk about their plans for the work-in-progress. The team has been building and programming unusual-looking sculptures which light up or play sounds when triggered by movement. 

The completed project is slated to go on display at the Goat Farm Art Center in 2017, but will have a partially completed installation on Broad Street in downtown on Sept. 25 to coincide with Creative Loafing’s Best Of Atlanta party.