Ladyfest Atlanta Encourages Feminist Dialogue In Local Arts

Co-Directors Chelsea Dunn and Nina Dolgin speak with producer Mary Claire Kelly about Ladyfest Atlanta.

There’s a new arts festival in town this weekend, and it’s radical. Ladyfest Atlanta is a three-day showcase of local musicians, performance artists, and filmmakers, as well as a space for dialogue about feminist issues. It marks the first such event in Atlanta since the last Ladyfest South eight years ago. 

With collaborative help from local venues Eyedrum, The Mammal Gallery, Broad Street Visitors Center, and The Big House on Ponce, Ladyfest Atlanta is an attempt to bring together Atlanta’s arts community for a purpose: to build dialogue within Atlanta’s arts community around inclusivity and diverse representation. Co-directors Nina Dolgina and Chelsea Dunn call Ladyfest an “intentionally political” space, and include workshops on feminist issues like “Feminism in New Media” and “Feminist Gaming.” Events range from music by local Atlanta artists to a tea party to a comedy show. 

All events at Ladyfest are free and open to the public. It begins Friday at 5 p.m. with a gallery opening at the Broad Street Visitors Center and concludes Sunday night with a feedback discussion at the Mammal Gallery.