Local Acting Studio, Improv Company Create Training Facility

Highwire Comedy Co. and Get Scene Studios have joined forces to create a new training facility for actors.
Credit Courtesy of Get Scene Studios And Highwire Comedy Co.
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With Georgia’s film boom, acting studios are finding themselves with a much larger clientel and thus a little less space in their classes and their facilities.

Get Scenes Studios has hosted acting classes, castings and tapings for the past few years, and this summer, they moved into a bigger building to fill the growing need. They share the space with Highwire Comedy Co., a longform improv comedy troupe that also host classes for theater, improv and, increasingly, film actors.

“The Atlanta acting market is no longer a secret,” said Highwire’s founder and executive producer Ian Covell. “The kind of jobs you can audition for here as an up-and-coming actor, they are amazing … I’m still a little baffled why more people haven’t just moved here.”

The new space in West Midtown will have six classrooms. Actors will also have the opportunity to produce their own sketches to add to their demo reels.

With this partnership, Highwire and Get Scene are creating one of the biggest acting studios yet in Atlanta.

“As an actor and also as an entrepreneur, I don’t know if I would be taking this risk if it wasn’t for complete faith and trust this acting market is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere,” said Get Scene’s founder and owner Jesse Malinowski.