Local Entrepreneurs Gather, Talk About Their Biggest Failures

Business failures can make you pause and even rewind. Shaun King, activist and entrepreneur, is a senior justice writer for the New York Daily News. King said the key to failure is learning from your mistakes so you can turn the failure into success.
Credit Alison Guillory / WABE
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“Closer Look” producer Eboni Lemon attended an event last week that’s part of a global movement, which has now made its way to Atlanta.

Local entrepreneurs gathered to talk about their biggest business failures and to encourage others to embrace mistakes made along the road to success.

It’s called “F-Up Night.”

Derreck Kayongo, founder of the Global Soap Project, was one of the entrepreneurs at the event discussing his mistakes, but he also explained how he uses failure in a positive way.

“Failure is there to modify, to streamline, to better your idea,” Kayongo said.

A justice writer at the New York Daily News, Shaun King, was also part of the event.

He told WABE’s Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer all about it on “Closer Look.”