‘Love Letters To Atlanta’ Features Intimate Musical Performances At Atlanta Landmarks

Opera singer Morris Robinson is the first in the series of 12 "Love Letters to Atlanta."
Opera singer Morris Robinson is the first in the series of 12 "Love Letters to Atlanta."
Credit Felipe Barral

Love may well be the greatest inspiration for personal as well as artistic self-expression.

Love Letters to Atlanta” is a new video series from The Atlanta Opera featuring the company’s ensemble of internationally renowned artists performing their favorite songs in places significant to Atlanta’s musical history.

Internationally renowned bass opera singer Morris Robinson joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to discuss his virtual performance. They were joined by Felipe Barral, the Atlanta Opera’s director of photographer for the company’s digital offerings.

Robinson’s performance of “The Impossible Dream” in The Fox Theatre is available now.

Interview Highlights

Why Robinson chose to sing “The Impossible Dream” at The Fox Theatre:

“I chose to perform at Atlanta’s great Fox Theatre. It’s a historic, iconic site in Atlanta. It’s something from my childhood that I remember talking about all the time. It had all these wonderful lights and looked so beautiful from the outside. It’s one of the first stages I performed on as a kid. And I chose that place because of all the nostalgic memories I had there with my family,” said Robinson.

He continued, “The one song I chose to sing has various ties to that show on that stage (when I performed there as a kid). ‘The Impossible Dream‘ from “Man of La Mancha.” I remember being on stage and that number was the ultimate number, the climax of the show. And I remember listening to the baritone singing and thinking, ‘Wow this is just an amazing song and an amazing voice.’ Lots of nostalgia is related to that song, and my story as it has developed over my life, it really is an impossible dream. So I felt like it was the most appropriate thing to do.”

Each “Love Letter” opens with The Atlanta Opera’s artistic director Tomer Zvulun in conversation with the singer. Why this was important to add in the video series:

“I think the whole idea is to really showcase not just a song or a music video shot in a beautiful location. It’s about people. It’s about the human connection and knowing the artists behind the song as well,” said Barral.


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