Mara Davis Recommends The Best Bisque For The ‘SOUP-er Bowl’

Stay warm with these soup recommendations in Atlanta from Mara Davis.
Stay warm with these soup recommendations in Atlanta from Mara Davis.
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The diva of delicious, Mara Davis visited Lois Reitzes on “City Lights” to discuss the best lunch and dinner spots to keep you warm during Super Bowl week. Below are some of Mara’s favorite soup locations and the items she recommends from their menus.

Souper Jenny

Order: Turkey chili

New TGM Soup

Order: Tomato Bisque, Chicken & Mushroom, Italian Wedding Soup, and Brisket Chili, each paired with a bread selection baked fresh daily at TGM Bread, as well as a selection of ready made salads.

Chef Todd Ginsberg also will serve bone broth, with a rotating selection of add-ins, like parsley and lemon or miso and shiitake mushrooms, according to Davis.

Clam Chowder

C & S Chowder House, Roswell.

Order from three styles of chowder: New England, Manhattan and Rhode Island.

Another type of chowder is also served in Rhode Island that is a sort of hybrid between the clear and the Manhattan tomato-based variety. It is made with a tomato broth base and potatoes, but doesn’t feature any other vegetables, Davis said.

Taqueria Del Sol

Order: Creamy shrimp corn chowder. The soup is rich, warm, and not too spicy, filled with shrimp swimming in a creamed corn broth mixed with poblano peppers, Davis said.

Branchwater inVickery

Order: Tomato bisque

The Optimist

Order: She Crab Soup- a rich soup, similar to bisque, made of milk or heavy cream, crab or fish stock, Atlantic blue crab meat and crab roe, and a small amount of dry sherry added as it is plated.

Bread and Butterfly

Order: Tomato soup topped with a puff pastry, but puncture the pastry and watch as it slowly dissolves into the tomato broth, giving the soup a lovely, creamy texture.

Louisiana Bistreaux

Order: Jambalaya

Seed Kitchen & Bar

Order: Butternut squash soup

For the “Pho Lovers” & Soup-related dishes:

Lan Zhou Noodle

Order: Pho

Dua Vietnamese

Order: Noodle soup

Northern China Eatery

Order: Spicy hot pot

General Muir

Order: Great Matzo Ball Soup

Agavero Cantina

Order: Tortilla soup

Farm to Ladle

Order: Tomato basil bisque


Order: Any soup


Order: Tortilla soup

For all the OTP folks:

Mitch’s Meats in Roswell

Order: 4-5 soups – changes out every day.

Breadwinner Café

Order: Tomato bisque, Minnesota wild rice soup, cream of spinach soup and spring vegetable. Davis calls it the best soup outside the perimeter.

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