Mariachi Buhos de Oro Keeps The Tradition Of Mariachi Music Alive For Future Generations

Mariachi Buhos de Oro was started by Alejandro Sifuentes and Jonathan Urizar.

Summer Evans / WABE

How does a group of classically trained music students in north Georgia end up forming a mariachi band? The answer encompasses many forms of love.

Alejandro Sifuentes & Jonathan Urizar of Mariachi Buhos de Oro spoke with Lois Reitzes last week about the plan that hatched a band.

“Speaking honestly, one of the things that inspired me to start playing mariachi music was love. I was very much so love with a girl my freshman year of college and I wanted to serenade her. So, I love mariachi music and I gather a couple of my friends at the school and make our own band. I contacted Jonathan and my friend Michael Pena (who plays trumphet) and we went up to her on her birthday and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and she really enjoyed it. Ever since then, we’ve kept having mariachi in our lives,” Sifuentes said.

The band was created in 2015 at Kennesaw State University out of their appreciation for the Mexican music.

“It’s especially important for us to keep this tradition alive because it almost doesn’t exist in this region of the country,” Urizar said.

The mariachi group will be playing at the “Owl-O-Ween” Hot Air Balloon Festival in Kennesaw on Oct. 18 and 19.