Medical Association of Georgia Drafts Official Stance on Medicaid Expansion

Two hundred physicians attending the Medical Association of Georgia’s annual meeting in Savannah last weekend drafted MAG’s official position on expanding Medicaid.  

Executive Director Donald Palmisano, Jr. says after much debate, attendees came down neither firmly “for” nor “against” expansion.

“Our physicians wanted to see more information on what impact this large number of individuals that would come into the system be,” says Palmisano. “Additionally, they wanted to see changes in the Medicaid program.”

Specifically, physicians agreed Medicaid as it currently exists is not financially sustainable.

Under the federal Affordable Care Act, states have the option to expand Medicaid rolls. 

But Gov. Deal has said Georgia can’t afford to expand the program, even with Washington picking up most of the cost.

The Medical Association of Georgia’s formal statement on Medicaid expansion: 

“MAG supports innovations and modifications to the Georgia Medicaid program, balancing the needs of Georgia’s uninsured patients with the  need to achieve a sustainable solution to the budget shortfalls and expected financial challenges for the years to come.”