Metro Atlanta Counties Seek Outside Help With Irma Damage

Alison Guillory / WABE

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Some metro Atlanta counties are asking for federal aid to help recover from Tropical Storm Irma.


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DeKalb County had hundreds of trees down. At one point, 170,000 people were without power in DeKalb alone.

Sue Loeffler is DeKalb’s director of emergency management. She said it takes a lot to add up damage costs from the storm.

“How much overtime did the fire department put in. Did they bring up extra trucks?” Loeffler said. “Our volunteer hours where our volunteers go out and help. We have to tally all those hours.”

Loeffler said the county plans to meet with FEMA to see if it qualifies for federal assistance.

Gwinnett County officials are also seeking both state and federal dollars to help with recovery.

As for Cobb County, officials say their damage was minimal, so they won’t need outside aid.