Metro Atlanta Gas Prices Rising Again

The pricetag on fuel in metro Atlanta is heading north. WABE's John Lorinc reports.

The average price for a gallon of self-serve, regular in metro Atlanta is $3.49, according to AAA.

That’s an increase of about 12 cents from last week and a 17 cent bump from this time last year.

“I wouldn’t concern myself too much with seeing, you know, prices rise back up to $4 and beyond.  But we will see prices probably get back to $3.60, $3.70, depending on where things go,” says AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady.

Brady says even though the U.S. gets most of its fuel from Canada, political problems taking place overseas are still playing a factor.

“Egypt has pushed crude oil prices to a 12 month high.  So it’s the concerns that the tensions over there could disrupt oil supplies that move through the Suez Canal,” says Brady.

Despite the upward trend, Georgians are still paying much less than most Americans.  The national average for a gallon is $3.61