Moral Monday Protesters Rally for Medicaid Expansion

Moral Monday protesters in front of the state Capitol.
Moral Monday protesters in front of the state Capitol.

Despite pouring rain, about two hundred Moral Monday demonstrators rallied on the steps of the state Capitol, protesting the governor’s refusal to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The coalition of religious and progressive activists demanded Gov. Nathan Deal change his mind about Medicaid expansion, thus enabling hundreds of thousands of uninsured Georgians to gain health coverage.

“Healthcare and access to healthcare – preventative services as well as treatment – is a civil right, a human right, and a moral right,” said Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society and a physician at Grady Hospital.

Deal has argued the state can’t afford the expansion.

Protestors, however, reiterated the federal government is picking up the vast majority of expansion costs. They say Deal’s “ideological stubbornness” over the Affordable Care Act is leaving Georgia’s uninsured behind.

Moral Monday Georgia is based on North Carolina’s Moral Monday protests, wherein each week during last year’s legislative session demonstrators rallied against Republican legislation. 

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