More Delta Flight Cancellations Expected Wednesday

Dozens of Delta flights are expected to be canceled Wednesday due to the aftermath of Monday's computer glitch.
Credit Ric Feld / Associated Press
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  An audio version of this story.

It’s still not smooth sailing for Delta Air Lines.

The Atlanta-based carrier says nearly 100 flights will likely be canceled Wednesday.

Delta officials said they had to reset the carrier’s operations and get crews and other parts of the network back in place following Monday’s massive power outage that canceled nearly 2,000 flights over two days.

“If you’d asked me last week to say, ‘Which airline would be probably least likely to have something like this happen?’ I might have said Delta,” said Seth Kaplan, with Airline Weekly.

However, he thinks things should get back to normal soon.

“The good news is that because it’s midweek, you tend to have more empty seats on flights, kind of a lower-demand travel period.  They’ll probably be able to get people to where they need to go rather quickly,” Kaplan said.

Delta officials say they are still investigating the incident.

Vouchers are being offered to passengers with canceled flights.