Morehouse To Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Some Staff

Morehouse issued a statement Thursday after a student video went viral.
Morehouse issued a statement Thursday after a student video went viral.
Credit Mike Stewart / Associated Press
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Morehouse College is investigating claims of sexual misconduct against some of its employees.

The college issued a statement Thursday after a student video went viral. The student doesn’t identify himself in the video, which he posted on Twitter. He claims Morehouse’s interim housing director, DeMarcus Crews, sexually assaulted and harassed him.

“Since second semester of my freshman year, I was assaulted by a staff member at Morehouse College by the name of DeMarcus Crews,” the student said. “It got to the point where I went into a really bad depression.”

Morehouse said it has placed Crews on unpaid leave while it investigates that allegation and others. The school said since the video was posted earlier this week, other students have accused Crews and additional Morehouse staff members of sexual misconduct. Therefore, the college is expanding its investigation to include additional employees.

In the original video, the student said he reported Crews’ behavior to Morehouse’s Title IX office, but the office didn’t follow through. In a letter to the Morehouse College Student Government Association, President David Thomas sought to reassure students complaints would be taken seriously.

“We will vigorously investigate any claims of sexual misconduct made within our Title IX office,” he said.

In a follow-up video, the student who accused Crews of assault said Morehouse officials have contacted him about the allegation and offered their support. He also expressed dismay that the school didn’t reach out sooner.

“I’ve been getting the calls and stuff that I feel like I should’ve been getting before even putting this story out there,” the student said.

Crews couldn’t be reached for comment.

In a statement, Morehouse encouraged students who are victims of sexual misconduct to call the Ethics & Compliance Hotline at 888-299-9540.