New Education Law Would Include Music As A Core Subject

The Every Student Succeeds Act includes music as a core subject for the first time.

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The U.S. Senate is expected to take a final vote Wednesday on a law that would replace the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, better known as No Child Left Behind.

The Every Student Suceeds Act includes music as a core subject – along with English, math, science and history – for the first time.

Cecil Wilder, the executive director of the Georgia Music Educators Association, says that’s good news for students here.

“We’re not so much committed to every child being required to study music, because not every child has the same abilities and interests,” he says. “But we are committed to the prospect of every child having access to a good, quality, sequential music program.”

The legislation also lets states decide how to address underperforming schools. No Child Left Behind required states to meet federal benchmarks and imposed consequences on those that didn’t.

If the Senate approves the bill, it will head to President Barack Obama’s desk for his signature.