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New ‘Habitat’ Museum At Fernbank Showcases Importance, Fragility Of Several Environments

"Habitat" will be on display outdoors at the Fernbank Museum April 17 to Aug. 29.
"Habitat" will be on display outdoors at the Fernbank Museum April 17 to Aug. 29.
Credit Fernbank Museum

Habitat,” a new outdoor exhibition at Fernbank Museum, invites guests to explore natural habitats and biomes throughout the world.

The exhibit features interactive tours of natural environments, complete with large-scale sculptures of animals, nests, flowers and more.

Director of education at the Fernbank Museum, Sarah Arnold, joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes via Zoom to talk about what visitors can expect.

“People don’t live next to these natural systems; we live in them,” said Arnold. “By creating this exhibit that allows us to show off the habitats we already have at the museum, it gives our guests a lens to explore the kinds of habitats they have around where they live.”

Highlights at ‘Habitat’:

Nestsincludes sculptures recreating the massive nests of eagles and orioles, by Atlanta artist Laura Lewis.

Bug B&Bshows incidental human-made habitats for bugs, with larger-than-life insect sculptures such as grasshoppers, caterpillars and mantises and more.

Monarch and Meadowsa tour of butterfly habitats and the specific plants they rely on, and feature photo-ops with giant monarch recreations as well as Georgia’s state butterfly, the eastern tiger swallowtail.

Life in the Balancea journey through the four distinct natural biomes that can host plants, animals and other organisms: rainforest, desert, tundra and aquatic.

“Habitat” is on view at Fernbank from April 17 through Aug. 29.