New State Law Gives Added Protection To Domestic Violence Victims

A new state law allows victims of domestic violence to break their lease early without penalty.

Wikimedia commons

A new state law that went into effect Sunday gives more protection to victims of domestic violence.

The new law allows people to break their lease early, with no financial penalty, if they are experiencing family or domestic violence.

Victims must give their property owners a 30-day notice.

Helen Robinson, with the advocacy group YWCA, said the law is a good first step.

“Anytime that we can enact a law that will make it easier for a woman to leave an abusive relationship and not be economically punished for that, then that is progress,” Robinson said.

But she said she thinks the barrier to prove violence is still a bit high.

Victims must have some type of court document, like a temporary restraining order, to qualify for early termination of their lease.

Numbers from the National Housing Law project show that in 2016 only 27 states had similar protections for domestic violence victims.