New Trail To Link Cloudland Canyon, Tennessee Riverwalk

Lookout Mountain, which includes Lula Falls, will be part of a network of trails linked by the Chattanooga Connector Trail.
Credit Courtesy of Lula Lake Land Trust

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The new year will bring new trails to hikers, bikers and others in North Georgia and South Tennessee.

Work will being in January on the Chattanooga Connector Trail, which will do exactly as its name suggests.

It will link a network of trails between Georgia’s Cloudland Canyon, which is next to Lookout Mountain, and the Tennessee Riverwalk.

“You’ll be in Hamilton County, when you’re on the Tennessee Riverwalk, and then you’ll bike or hike up Lookout Mountain and basically end up all the way out in either Walker or Dade County in Georgia, depending on how far you want to go,” said Kat Volzer, the director of Development and Communications for the Lula Lake Land Trust.

That’s the group behind the project, which will cost between $50,000 and $60,000.

“We are incredibly frugal with everything we do here,” said Volzer. “If it doesn’t come in, then we’ll find ways to cut costs here and there and make it a little less expensive.”

Work on the 6-mile trail should be complete by July 2017.

Eventually, it will be part of something even bigger:  The Great Eastern Trail that will one day connect the Gulf Coast to New York state.

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