Nuns Lead Life Of Solitude, Prayer At Snellville Monastery

A monastery nestled along a winding road in Snellville is home to a group of nuns who spend the majority of their days in prayer and meditation.

The Monastery of the Visitation was founded in 1954 and, in the decades since, has watched its numbers dwindle as fewer women – and men too – are called to the religious life.

The nuns in this order rarely leave the monastery. So Rose Scott, Denis O’Hayer and Mary Claire Kelly traveled to them to talk about their lives of prayer, an average day at the monastery and just how important their work is in this modern age.

The interviews were aired as a three part series on “A Closer Look.”Part 1: Rose Scott and Denis O'Hayer talk with Reverend Mother Jane Frances Williams and her assistant, Sister Josefa Maria, about their vocations and their contemplative life at the Monastery of the Visitation.Part 2: Rose and Denis talk with Reverend Mother Williams and Sister Maria, about daily life at the cloistered Monastery of the VisitationPart 3: Denis and Rose talk with Reverend Mother Williams and Sister Maria about how their life of cloistered prayer connects to the community outside the Monastery of the Visitation.