Outgoing Latino Nonprofit Head Talks Immigration Reform, More

This April 13, 2009 photo shows an employee of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Ga., waiting for the front gate to be opened so she can enter. The all-male detention center with a capacity of 1,924 detainees is operated on contract by Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America, the country's largest private prison firm. (AP Photo/Kate Brumback)
Credit Kate Brumback / AP Photo, File

The executive director of the Atlanta based Latin American Association, Jeffrey Tapia, is retiring.

For years, Tapia has held executive positions with LAA and has been on the forefront of immigration rights. During her time at the nonprofit she has helped new immigrants and their families gain access to a wide range of services. That access ultimately translates into much needed assistance and ultimately opportunity for new immigrants.

Tapia has also been heavily involved in the dialogue in Georgia over illegal immigration. LAA helps provide legal services for immigrants who entered the country illegally who otherwise can’t afford access to attorneys.

During an interview on “A Closer Look,” she said the U.S. laws on immigration are outdated and don’t serve the needs of the country.

“Comprehensive immigration reform is really the direction the nation needs to take,” Tapia said.

Tapia discussed immigration law, the services LAA provides, some of the challenges new immigrants face and more on “A Closer Look.”