WABE People

David Barasoain



How many years have you been in Atlanta?


Why is the work WABE does in amplifying Atlanta vital to our communities?

“WABE has an obligation to reflect all corners of the city. I’m proud that we can provide news, information, entertainment — and driveway moments — freely to all.”


What’s your favorite part about being a part of the WABE team?

“I really appreciate that we’re a tight, close team. Most everyone is referred to by their first name only and sometimes with just a letter, as in H (Johnson).”

What makes Atlanta “Atlanta”? What makes the Greater Metro area special?

“I enjoy that we’re a built-up metropolitan city with all the elements that such a city has to offer. But I also like that within just 45 minutes we can be on a river, a mountain, or deep in the countryside.”