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Planting Mid-Summer Tomatoes

Too late to plant tomatoes? Not in Georgia's warm climate.
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  This time of year, many of us are harvesting from the plants we sowed back in April and May. It’s actually not too late, however, to do a little planting.

We return to a visit we paid last year, to the house of horticulturist Geri Laufer. Geri showed us her method for sowing a mid-season tomato plant that’s already grown tall and leggy in its starter-pot.

With Atlanta’s lengthy growing season, she says there’s no reason we can’t enjoy our tomato sandwiches all the way through fall.

Broadcast version of story that aired July 24, 2013

A Few Tomato Tips from Geri:

  • Choose the right location: 6+ hours of sun
  • Rotate crops; don’t follow tomatoes with more tomatoes in the same exact spot every year.
  • Improve the soil with compost.
  • Add lime (calcium) to prevent catfacing, or scarring, in your tomatoes.
  • Plant deep or plant sideways: Cover stem with soil and roots will appear all along the buried stem.
  • Water thoroughly, with deep, slow watering, and provide deep moisture evenly during the summer.