City Lights with Lois Reitzes

City Lights: Danielle Deadwyler; The Naughton Sisters; And More

September 24, 2018

Monday on “City Lights with Lois Reitzes”:

  • 1:38: Lois Reitzes talks with members of Actor’s Express about their production of “A Doll’s House Part 2.”
  • 18:36: Twin sisters Christina and Michelle Naughton are kicking off the new season of Spivey Hall this weekend with a piano performance. Reitzes speaks with them about their lives in music.
  • 30:02: Reitzes talks with Danielle Deadwyler about her role in the upcoming film “Jane and Emma,” a film that looks at the 146 years in which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints prohibited African-Americans from becoming members.
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