Closer Look with Rose Scott

Closer Look: Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Peter Aman; Ga. Attorney General Chris Carr; And More

October 3, 2017

Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: A conversation with Georgia’s Attorney General, Chris Carr. He rejoins Closer Look to talk about Equifax, where the hearing of its former CEO, Richard Smith, is underway, after the credit reporting bureau was hacked, compromising the personal information of at least 143-million consumers. AG Carr also addresses the opioid crisis, sex trafficking in Georgia and his bid for re-election.
  • 22:57: The nation is still learning more details from Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas — the deadliest mass shooting in modern history — where a gunman fired into a crowd of music festival attendees along the Las Vegas Strip, killing more than 50 people and wounding more than 500. Prior to that, the nation was focused on natural disasters, like hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as it ravaged parts of the US. Dr. Melinda Page, clinical mental health counseling professor, offers guidance and suggestions to cope with these tragedies.
  • 35:57: Our series of one-on-one conversations with Atlanta mayoral candidates continues with mayoral candidate, and businessman, Peter Aman, who has served under two different city administrations.

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