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Closer Look: Georgia Climate Conference Proposes Local Solutions; Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation Aims To Reduce Evictions By Reaching Out To Underserved Students

October 15, 2019

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 on “Closer Look with Rose Scott:”

  • 0:00: “Closer Look” host Rose Scott gives a news brief on the two runoff races happening in Atlanta today.
  • And, in other news, Atlanta Police have arrested a second suspect in a shooting that happened during a block party at the Atlanta University Center in August.
  • 01:50: Ayanna Jones-Lightsy, staff attorney at Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and co-director of Safe and Stable Homes project, explains how her organization works to reduce eviction rates in Atlanta by reaching out to schools with underserved students.
  • 23:49: What does climate change mean for Georgia? And, what can be done to address it? This is the focus of the upcoming Georgia Climate Conference happening Nov. 7 to 8 at the Emory Conference Center Hotel. Ahead of the event, we speak with members of the panel, beginning with Douglas Hooker, Atlanta Regional Commission executive director. Hooker will explain climate change’s impact specifically on the Atlanta area.
  • We continue the conversation about climate change’s impact on Georgia, and what can be done about it with Atlanta Regional Commission Executive Director Douglas Hooker; Daniel Rochberg, founder of Georgia Climate Project and instructor of Environmental Health Sciences at Emory University; Dr. Shelley Francis, co-founder of EVNoire, a Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group; and Marilyn Brown, founder of Georgia Climate Project and Regents’ and Brook Byers, professor of Sustainable Systems at Georgia Tech.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Grace Walker. Joy Barge is a contributing producer.

Correction: This report has been updated to reflect the proper affiliation for Daniel Rochberg, who is with Emory University, and Dr. Shelley Francis.

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