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Closer Look: Putting Georgians To Work; Center For Civic Innovation

November 12, 2018

Monday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: With a number of election-related lawsuits and the possibility of recounts in several races, there’s a lot of uncertainty with some results from Georgia’s midterm elections. Rose Scott speaks to WABE’s Johnny Kauffman to get the latest.
  • Also, Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District Carolyn Bordeaux has filed a lawsuit in her race against Republican incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall. Bordeaux explains why.
  • 12:00: Earlier this year Closer Look launched its “Paycheck to Paycheck” series to see how folks were living in the metro area, the state and the nation. We continue our series with a roundtable segment, “Putting Georgians to Work”, which brings state leaders together to talk about local resources to help Georgians find jobs and looks at industries that are experiencing a shortage in skilled workers. Our roundtable of experts includes Keith Parker, President and CEO of Goodwill of North Georgia; Santiago Marquez, President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Victoria Seals, president of Atlanta Technical College; and Nancy Flake Johnson, President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta.
  • 44:17: The Center for Civic Innovation has been working for the past four years to shape the future of the city of Atlanta and address rising income inequality. Since then, they’ve raised over $1 million, according to their own reports, from some big names like the Arthur M. Blank Foundation, Chick-fil-a and Equifax, and invested that money in local, civic entrepreneurs. Their most recent project is a fellowship program designed to help mentor a new generation of civic entrepreneurs. A conversation with Quyionah Wingfield, a member of the class of 2019 and founder of “Cool Moms Dance Too,” whose plan includes using dance to address cardio-vascular related issues in Atlanta’s families, and Rohit Malhotra, founder and executive director of the Center.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler, Emilia Brock and Grace Walker.

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