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Closer Look: “Religious Liberty” Bill Stalls But Sponsor Says Fight Is Not Over; A National Model For Non-Traditional Education; Emory Researcher Talks Alternative to Opioids For Pain

March 7, 2019

Thursday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose gives a news brief on Crossover Day at the state legislature. One bill that’s sparked a lot of debate in the Senate chamber is SB 131, sponsored by Republican Senator Burt Jones, which calls for a Georga Major Airport Authority that would take over airport operations from the city of Atlanta.
  • 4:57: According to findings from the media organization ProPublica, roughly half a million students were enrolled in alternative schools in 2014. Recently on the program, we’ve looked at local efforts to improve non-traditional education within Atlanta Public Schools, and heard about some of the challenges school districts face nationally. Now, we’re going to head out West to Washington state where Walla Walla Public Schools has received national recognition for its approach to non-traditional education. We learn more from the district’s Superintendent Wade Smith.
  • 16:54: Crossover day in the state legislature is here and the controversial ‘religious liberty’ bill has stalled, but state Senator Marty Harbin says the fight is not over. A conversation with Senator Harbin on his efforts to speak to leaders within the business community on the measure, and why he believes religious liberty is a “top five” issue for Republican voters.
  • 40:48: Using a treatment called cryoablation, or extreme cold, Dr. David Prologo from Emory University, is able to provide patients experiencing pain with an alternative to prescription opioids or narcotics. Dr. Prologo joins us in studio tell us more about this treatment option.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Grace Walker. 

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