Closer Look with Rose Scott

Closer Look: Ron Clark Academy; Ga.’s Minimum Wage; And More

February 10, 2016

Wednesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress”:

  • 0:00: Rose Scott and Jim Burress report on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to grant a stay request blocking the EPA from moving forward with emission rules to lower carbon emissions from power plants;
  • 1:42: Kim Nolte, executive director of the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP) discusses HIV testing in public schools;
  • 17:19: Candace Wheeler talks about the New Hampshire primary results, Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and Eli Manning in today’s “Trending” segment;
  • 20:12: In part one of a two-part series, Rose Scott and Jim Burress take a trip to Ron Clark Academy, a nonprofit middle school located in southeast Atlanta;
  • 35:58: Karen Bremer, CEO of the Georgia Restaurant Association, and Federico Castellucci, president of Castellucci hospitality group, discuss Georgia’s minimum wage.
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