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Closer Look: Summer Indie Music Series — Ramilou; Hurricane Florence Updates; And More

Friday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Hurricane Florence has now made landfall in the Carolinas, bringing winds of 90 mph, heavy rain, and a dangerous storm surge. We get updates on the storm’s movement, potential impact to Georgia, and local preparations. Plus, some media outlets located in the path of Hurricane Florence have shut down, but public radio host Barbara Hamm Lee is staying on the air. We speak with the host of “Another View” on WHRO, which is located in Norfolk, VA.
  • 21:57: This week, attorneys began oral arguments in a federal court case centered on Georgia’s election security. Last year, a lawsuit was filed by several Georgia residents, and election integrity advocates, against Secretary of State Brian Kemp and a number of state elections officials over the state’s use of electronic voting machines – some of which are over a decade old. But election officials warn that a switch to paper ballots so close to Election Day would lead to long lines, confusion, lower turnout, and burdensome costs. The federal judge in the case, known as Curling v. Kemp, could make a decision today. We speak with David Cross, the attorney for the plaintiffs in Curling v. Kemp.
  • 38:47: The son of Egyptian immigrants, Rami Tawfik, known by his stage name Ramilou, makes a blend of R&B, hip-hop and trap music. He has only been making music for just over a year, but already the young rapper, singer, and producer is releasing tracks and collaborating with other local musicians. He joins us again in studio, to tell us more about his work and give us his live performance.

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Emilia Brock.

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