The Boom

How Matt Akey makes visual effects undetectable

June 7, 2024

Visual effects producer Matt Akey knows he’s done his work effectively if you never notice that he touched a film or TV show in the first place. From “Creed III” and “The Holdovers” to “The Boys” and “West World,” he’s worked on an array of projects requiring different kinds of imaging. Akey talks about his visual effects work and his path to becoming Chief Marketing Officer at Crafty Apes, a VFX and production services company based in Atlanta.

Plus, Sammie Purcell, associate editor of Rough Draft Atlanta, joins Jewel to talk about summer film and TV releases they’re looking forward to.

This episode of The Boom was produced by Kevin Rinker and Jewel Wicker. Additional production and editing by Scotty Crowe. Original music by Matt Owen.

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