Police Warn of Ticket Scalpers and Scam Artists During the Final Four

Credit Nick NeSmith / for WABE

  With just days until the NCAA Men’s Final Four basketball tournament here in Atlanta, many are scrambling to get seats to the big dance. But police are warning about ticket scalpers and potential scams.

The Atlanta Police Department says it will work to crack down on ticket scalping and other crime near the Georgia Dome. But to avoid becoming a victim, APD spokesman Carlos Campos has this advice.

“Anytime that you’re buying tickets from someone you don’t know, someone you just met, on the street, on the Internet, you’re really taking a chance. If it’s a must go situation for you, try to purchase them from reputable ticket brokers.”

The NCAA recommends purchasing tickets from their website, through their official ticket provider PrimeSport or ticket offices of schools in the tournament. It’s against city law for those reselling tickets to sporting events to be within 2700 feet of large venues.