NPR Student Podcast Challenge

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Podcast Challenge

Four teams from Atlanta have received honorable mentions in the 2020 NPR Podcast Challenge! The challenge gives students around the country the opportunity to create a podcast. Then, with the help of a teacher, they compete for a chance to win the grand prize and have their work appear on NPR. This year, NPR received over 2,200 entries. Nearly 220 of them received honorable mentions and four of those are from the community of students and teachers who listen to WABE. We’re thrilled to share their work here.

The Journey Of A Refugee To America

“A podcast about the refugee experience; their journey and adjustment to life in America. Eighth-grade students in Atlanta discuss their research and experiences from Clarkston, a refugee resettlement community.” – Listen Here.

The Last Word On Racism

“Seventh-grade students made podcasts for an informational/argumentative writing unit this year. Jizelle Anderson made this podcast, explaining, ‘In this podcast, you will learn about my perspective and experiences on racism being both black and white in this world. I’m sharing with you the conversation that every white person should hear. I talk about privilege, racism and current events. It’s easy to believe that there isn’t racism because you’re not affected by it or someone may have never had this talk with you’.” – Listen Here.

Cinema Science

“Emilia is a sixth-grader at Lake Oconee Academy in Greensboro. She loves ’80s music and science, so she decided to make her podcast about the travel-in-time movie Back to the Future. Emilia loves to write, and her Creative Writing class is the best part of her day. Here is her podcast, Cinema Science.” – Listen Here.

The Story Behind — Warrior Way Sign

“If you live in Peachtree City and were on the cart-path in the center of town near Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway, you may have seen The Warrior Way sign. There is a crazy story behind this sign.” – Listen Here.

You can find out more about the NPR Podcast Challenge here.