Progress Made for Atlanta Bike Share Program

Getting around the city of Atlanta on two wheels will soon be a little easier.

Atlanta’s Bike Share Program is scheduled to make its debut in 2015.

The program will have 500 bikes for rent throughout the city.

“We’ll probably spend the next 12 months working on locations and permitting and construction and marketing.  So I’m really excited, next year is going to be a big year for Atlanta and biking,” says Rebecca Serna, the executive director of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

The company CycleHop is the prime contractor for the project.

City officials say the first phase is to see how the program works within the city limits.  After that the hope is that neighboring areas will also sign on with CycleHop, so that the program can merge throughout metro Atlanta.An audio version of this story.

“As metro Atlanta continues to put in more space for people to bicycle, you’re going to find those people who want to take day trips or run errands.  They don’t want the hassle of driving.  They just want to be able to hop on a bike and come back,” says Decatur Planning Director Amanda Thompson.

In the meantime, Thompson says Decatur is working on a number of bike projects, including the construction of bike lanes, trails and paths.